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Philip Kraaijenhof is an enthusiastic bilingual voice actor from the Netherlands. He has a vibrant voice with a wide range that can bring male characters of various ages to Life! He spends most of his time in his home studio, recording voice overs.Philip started voicing characters at a young age with his improvised setup and began making content surrounding fun gags as well as serious real life journeys, racking up millions of views overall. He has done work for companies all over the world while pursuing his passion for voice over, thereby broadening his knowledge in several languages.At the age of 17, Philip lived in Tokyo to study Japanese. There he discovered a passion for learning about cultures, accents and pronunciation. He once resided in Norway, Lillehammer where he helped local businesses with their promotion as he does in his home country.His favorite pastime activities are running, studying languages, creating content and consuming media. Philip likes spending time with his dog and with his voice actor friends, talking about the industry and helping each other reach new heights!



Microphone: RØDE NT-1
Interface: Audient ID14 MKII
DAW: Reaper
Treatment: TAkustik Vocal Booth


Zoom, Skype, Discord
Local Wifi Connection
87.3mbps Download 50.4 Upload


[Album] Narrator | Phases - Wneup
[Audio Drama] Chima Fernis, Pinto Dempsey (From EP8 Forward) | Nightshade Academy - Mel Torrefranca
[Audio Drama] Faust | OFDD - POLYWHIRL
[Visual Novel] Rhime | Tunnel Vision - Melancholy Marionette
[Visual Novel] Llu | The Hostage - Melancholy Marionette
[Visual Novel] Seiji | The Arch Vessel - ElectriNut
[Video Game] Joel : {Video Ver.} | Butterflies - Le Capitaine
[Video Game] Frank (Hospital Director) : {Video Ver.} | Omitted - PsychoRavens
[Animation] Yuki | 'The Request' Lovers in Crime Animated Short - CrashTakoStudios
[Animation] Evan | Pride’s Misfits - CrashTakoStudios
[Animation] Hunter | SUPER ACTION TEAM - Svennnnnnnn
[Animation] Robert | America’s Sweetheart Animatic - Leilapop
[Animation (Japanese)] Aoi | Flappetako - CrashTakoStudios
[Trailer] Colonist | The Ghost - LIV
[AudioTour (Dutch)] Nieuwegracht 90 | Vrouwen In Verzet - Noord-Hollands Archief